Harrah’s SoCal Welcomes Martin Short As New Mayor of Funner, CA

Harrah's SoCal 2024 Mayor Inauguration

FUNNER, CA – Harrah’s Resort Southern California officially welcomed iconic comedian and actor Martin Short as Funner, CA’s newest mayor, succeeding former mayors Jane Lynch, Rob Riggle and David Hasselhoff. Mayor Short took the oath of office amid lively support from residents of Funner, CA.

“Martin Short represents the essence of Funner,” said Jill Barrett, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort SoCal. “His renowned humor and dedication to entertainment make him an ideal leader for guiding Funner into a new era. Mayor Marty is already actively planning innovative projects that will enhance the fun in Funner like his ‘Short On Time’ spa offerings and ‘Buckets of Fun’ hotel package. We eagerly anticipate seeing his vision unfold and fun made funner.”

As he took to the stage for his induction ceremony, Mayor Short conveyed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to lead Funner and outlined his vision for the city’s future. Accompanied by surprise emcee, his friend and former mayor Jane Lynch, Mayor Short declared his promise to continue making Funner a destination known for its distinctive, fun-filled experiences, bringing laughter and joy to all who visit. The ceremony concluded with Mayor Short receiving the key to the city, officially marking the start of his tenure as Funner’s newest mayor.

“We are excited to welcome Martin Short as Funner’s new mayor,” said Bo Mazzetti, Chairman of the Rincon Tribe. “His enthusiasm and extensive background in entertainment promise to elevate the vibrant community at Harrah’s Resort SoCal.”

“It’s truly a privilege to stand here with you all in beloved Funner, CA,” said Mayor Short. “I’m committed to being more than just a handsome man in a purple suit and stylish bow tie. Let’s work together to elevate Funner and craft extraordinary experiences for every visitor.”