Gun Lake Tribe Donates Funds to Yankee Springs Fire Department To Purchase Rapid Deployment Craft

SHELBYVILLE, MI – The Gun Lake Tribe recently announced the donation of funds to the Yankee Springs Fire Department to enable the purchase of a Rapid Deployment Craft from Oceanid Water Rescue Craft. The life-saving equipment handles numerous rescue situations during any season of the year. 

“We at the Yankee Springs Fire Department greatly appreciate the continued support that Gun Lake Tribe continues to show us,” said Jim Stoddard, Fire Chief of Wayland/Yankee Springs. “We have worked together on several projects now and the commitment to the community from the tribe is second to none.”

The Rapid Deployment Craft can go from being stored in a two cubic foot case to fully inflated in seconds, allowing rapid response in areas that could not otherwise be quickly reached. This inflatable rescue raft can go from being pulled behind a boat or jet ski in the warmer months to towed behind a snowmobile throughout winter allowing for more efficient rescues in both open water and on the ice.

“Gun Lake Tribe is honored to have the ability to work with our local municipalities to ensure they have what they need to keep our communities safe,” said Tribal Chairman Bob Peters.

Yankee Springs Township is home to 5,000 acres of state land and more than 15 bodies of water. The new Rapid Deployment Craft will provide quick access to a significant section of land and water both within the Township and in neighboring communities, which, in the past, were nearly unreachable in an emergency.