Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Launches New Illuminating Conversations Streaming Series

GLI Illuminating Conversations

What do the gaming industry’s top influencers and thought-leaders believe lies ahead? Get the inside view as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) puts trailblazers in the spotlight in its new streaming series, Illuminating Conversations.
Hosted by GLI President/CEO James Maida, Illuminating Conversations is a monthly series of thought-provoking dialogs available on-demand at

“This is a time of significant change in the gaming industry and the world at large. We created the Illuminating Conversations series to bring gaming’s most innovative, ingenious and prescient​ leaders together for a discussion of what’s working now, what lies ahead in the near and distant future, and how we can work together to make the industry even better,” Maida said. “The series is meant to be informative and thought-provoking; we’ve been working hard to dig for deeper insights and fresh perspectives that we think will really be helpful to those in the industry.”
The Illuminating Conversations premiere episode stars Eilers & Krejcik’s Gaming Principal Todd Eilers in a discussion about the future of gaming in a post-pandemic world. What new tools have consumers been using to game during their time in isolation? How are regulators managing, monitoring, and controlling that behavior? Will funding shortages for states and tribes result in the opening of many more delivery channels for gaming products? The first episode is available for streaming on March 11 with answers to these questions and many others.
Subsequent episodes feature conversations with Jamaica Betting, Gaming Lottery Commission Executive Director Vitus Evans; NIGA Chairman Ernest Stevens, Jr.; and Managing Director of Gaming Consultants International Neil Spencer. More guests will be announced in the near future.
“At GLI, each of our staff members in every one of our labs is doing everything possible to give our clients insight into existing and emerging jurisdictions worldwide and the newest technologies that will be deployed there. We are committed to ensuring clients have the information they need to confidently explore new business opportunities wherever they can be found, and the Illuminating Conversations series is part of that mission,” Maida said. “We want our clients to keep dreaming big, knowing that wherever their dreams take them, they will have a global partner ready to not only meet any challenge, but also to help them navigate the future of gaming. We’re excited about the future. We’re ready to go.”