Everi Showcases BeOn Mobile Platform, FinTech Solutions at G2E 2023


LAS VEGAS, NV – Everi Holdings is demonstrating the newest enhancements to its “digital neighborhood” of financial technology (FinTech) solutions at the 23rd annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E).

Building on its product portfolio, Everi’s FinTech offerings at G2E feature the BeOn™ mobile services platform, as well as a comprehensive suite of additional mobile, financial access, loyalty, RegTech, and enhanced marketing solutions. The newest product enhancements on display highlight Everi’s ability to develop solutions that enable mobile-first self-service capabilities throughout the patron journey. 

“Our focus on providing the industry’s most comprehensive suite of integrated FinTech solutions that offer casino and venue operators a one-stop source for Everi solution needed to improve the patron experience continues to bring value to our customers,” said Randy Taylor, CEO of Everi. “With the new product advancements that will be featured at G2E this year, our FinTech business will continue to lead the industry in mobile-first solutions.”

“The newest enhancements for our already comprehensive ‘digital neighborhood’ will further enhance the patron journey, with an emphasis on mobile-first, self-service capabilities that tie into existing casino or venue infrastructure,” said Darren Simmons, Everi’s Executive Vice President and FinTech Business Leader. “Our G2E offerings highlight Everi’s ability to successfully execute on our technology development priorities while delivering industry-leading, integrated solutions across the casino floor and beyond.” 

Everi Merges Technology Stacks to Create and Launch BeOn

Leveraging the Everi brand into the venue space while applying Venuetize’s technology for casino operators, the new BeOn mobile platform utilizes all of Everi’s mobile services. Designed for optimized player engagement, BeOn extends the casino floor to the patron’s mobile device with award-winning solutions bundled into a full mobile experience.

Combining gamification, loyalty, payments, and data insights, BeOn is the turbocharger for the operational engine and guest experience, as it puts the power of self service in the guest’s hands. Core functions of BeOn include integration with Everi’s CashClub Wallet® for cashless gaming, extensions of the operator’s loyalty program, property content management tools, and marketing opportunities.

At G2E, Everi is showcasing BeOn to highlight two new features within Everi’s mobile services: mobile enrollment and mobile ordering.

Connecting Venues to the Casino Space While Gamifying Venues

Mobile ordering is now available across the casino floor and beyond through integrations with Venuetize’s technology and leading solutions from several third-party providers. Utilizing Venuetize’s integrated mobile ordering solution, casino patrons can browse menus for F&B and merchandise, place orders, make in-app payments, get real-time notifications on order status, and have orders delivered directly to them via the BeOn platform.

Venuetize will now be able to incorporate Everi’s CashClub Wallet technology, as well as leveraging loyalty platforms and enhanced marketing opportunities through integrations with Everi’s BeOn mobile services. This will provide enhanced value for patrons and gamification opportunities for sports teams and venue operators.

Everi’s robust mobile enrollment flow is also now available within the Venuetize platform. This includes an integration with IDmission for additional identity protection and verification.

A prominent feature of Everi’s digital neighborhood, Venuetize is the leading mobile technology and advanced e-commerce platform for the sports, hospitality, and entertainment industries. As the foundation for a patron-engaging mobile strategy, Venuetize enhances Everi’s portfolio of mobile-first solutions. Flexible enough to reach guests and fans wherever they are, Venuetize features marketing support via its content management system, integrations with leading technology providers, and a mobile wallet.

Enriched Cashless Experiences via CashClub Wallet® and new Everi BeOn Wallet

Everi’s cashless payments solutions drive additional volume while improving operational efficiencies. CashClub Wallet® is a digital wallet that elevates patron engagement with frictionless, omni-channel payments. Incorporating more funding sources than ever before, including PayPal and Apple Pay, CashClub Wallet transforms the traditional cash-centric environment into a modern, seamless, cashless experience for an enhanced player journey.  

At G2E 2023, Everi is introducing the standalone public wallet BeOn Wallet™, available for use at any participating locations of the 750 casinos that utilize Everi’s cash access services. Patrons can access BeOn Wallet funds exclusively through Everi’s financial access kiosks or at the cage in land-based casinos. BeOn Wallet  functionality includes the option to apply TITO vouchers for cashless gaming.

The All-in-One Vi™ Extends the Casino Floor

At the heart of the digital neighborhood is Vi™, a revolutionary, all-in-one, on-property mobile gaming solution. BeOn mobile services deliver the Vi™ platform, combining Everi digital games, CashClub Wallet®, and the company’s mobile technology, to extend the gaming experience beyond the casino floor, but within the allowable gaming footprint.

Vi offers popular Everi and third-party Class II and Class III game titles on players’ own mobile devices. Players can easily register utilizing Everi’s mobile enrollment capabilities, at a kiosk, or in person at a service desk, and begin playing in any approved areas on property with the use of geolocation technology. Featuring Everi’s Player Account Management (PAM) system, Vi seamlessly integrates into existing casino systems while offering additional patron engagement opportunities via loyalty programs and self-service kiosks for funding, ratings, rewards, and promotions. The flexible Vi solution is also integrated with Everi’s compliance AML systems, creating a single trusted source for reporting.

Award-Winning Loyalty Products Enhanced with Amplify™ Marketing Platform

Everi’s Trilogy™ loyalty platform represents a critical bridge between operator-centric financial technology solutions and player-centric gaming solutions. Through their deep integration with the company’s new Amplify™ solution, which assists with customer loyalty, data analytics, and marketing automation, Everi’s award-winning loyalty services drive additional patron engagement opportunities.

Both tools help operators build objective-based campaigns and promotions across multiple channels. This includes use cases such as identifying customers who can receive parking upgrades and rewards for events outside of the casino (e.g. free rounds of golf, restaurant gift certificates).

Suite of Fully Integrated Solutions Driving Operating Efficiencies Also Featured at G2E

Everi is debuting its fourth-generation Anti-Money Laundering solution Entegrity™ at G2E. Building upon the company’s award-winning Everi Compliance™ solution, Entegrity reimagines the user experience and includes a plethora of customer requested modules that are essential for AML professionals.

Everi is also displaying its award-winning jackpot management system, Jackpot Xpress®, and will introduce JackpotXpress Professional Edition, which contains new features to elevate the guest experience. Jackpot Xpress installs have nearly doubled from last year, and it remains the only jackpot management system that combines mobile productivity, secure payment, electronic tax forms management, and KYC tracking into a single solution. In addition to the brand-new features of JackpotXpress Professional Edition, Everi is unveiling two brand-new jackpot hardware solutions, the JXC-M and XTND kiosks. 

Another vital RegTech solution on display at G2E will be PitXpress™, which modernizes the clunky credit and front money lifecycles, resulting in better experiences for players and operators. PitXpress uses mobile technology to automate various pit and cage functions including the issuance, redemption, transfer and voiding of markers. Players can get back to the action faster, resulting in better satisfaction, improved accuracy and less paperwork.