Everi – Nian Nian You Yu

Phone: (512) 334-7500

Class III


Nian Nian You Yu™ features two stunning Asian-themed games, Fortune™ and Prosperity™. Both games feature two accumulators, three unique progressive pick bonuses, and a hold-and-spin bonus. Land the Koi fish during the hold-and-spin bonus to absorb all adjacent credit prizes into a single position, creating new spaces for credits to land. Likewise, filling the board with 15 coins collects all credit prizes into a single position and continues the bonus. The two-pot accumulator feature triggers a jackpot pick bonus where enhanced jackpots apply multipliers to jackpots and combo jackpots award two jackpots. Trigger them both at the same time for an exciting pick event. Nian Nian You Yu is available on the innovative Dynasty Vue™ cabinet.