Everi – Dynamite Pop! Series

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Class III


Dynamite Pop!™ Series serves as one of two exclusive launch families on the all-new Dynasty Sol™ cabinet, a sleek, modern, for-sale portrait video reel cabinet optimized for a more incredible gaming experience. Dynamite Pop! consists of two unique base themes, Blue Blast and Red Rush, that feature easy-to-understand base gameplay and three bundles of dynamite that can trigger entertaining combinations of the light-popping, credit-awarding Pop bonus, first made popular by one of Everi’s hottest themes Cha-Ching!™. During the super feature in Blue Blast, exploding bombs hit surrounding spaces to award prizes while arrows spin and stop to award full columns or rows of prizes during the mega feature in Red Rush, all on a 6 x 9 prize board. Multipliers are added to the prize board during the ultra feature, while players collect gems to win jackpots during the jackpot feature. Land all three dynamite bundles to trigger all three features for more prizes, multipliers, and jackpots.