Database Dynamics Promotes Player Engagement in Casinos With New Interactive Software, Kiosks

Database Dynamics

SANTA ANA, CA – Database Dynamics has introduced interactive software designed to elevate and sustain player engagement. The unveiling of their 43” touchscreen kiosks, combined with their free-to-play sports-based promotional games, has resulted in an 86 percent increase in player engagement for casinos nationwide. The development signifies a paradigm shift in how players interact with promotions.

The software and kiosks aim to enhance player engagement by offering a seamless, user-friendly interface. The technology allows players to enjoy distinctive free-to-play sports-based promotions. The company’s ‘Pick the Props’ promotion serves as an innovative tool, educating casino players on the intricacies of making sports bets across all sports in a free and engaging manner. This unique approach instills confidence in players, empowering them to seamlessly transition to making informed real-money bets.

“We are thrilled to witness such a significant boost in player engagement since the introduction of the new kiosks and software,” said Kyle Gawthorp, Executive Director of Marketing at Quechan Casino. “Database Dynamics has diligently crafted an experience that captivates players, encouraging them to return for more.”

Database Dynamics’ software integrates with existing casino systems, making it a versatile solution for casino operators.