Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton Delivers Keynote Address at TriSec 2024

TriSec 2024
Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton giving her speech at TriSec 2024.

LAS VEGAS, NV – In a significant gathering of tribal leaders and organizations at the TriSec 2024 Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Navajo Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton delivered a powerful keynote address, where she discussed pressing issues such as public safety and the interplay of traditional governance in modern Navajo society. The conference, organized by the Falmouth Institute, provided a platform for discussing and addressing key issues that affect Native American tribes.

Delegate Charles-Newton, who chairs the 25th Navajo Nation Council’s Law and Order Committee, highlighted the deep-seated narratives that have shaped the Navajo Nation, including the creation of the clans’ story and the teachings and principles embedded in the Navajo Nation’s Fundamental Law. She expressed the importance of these traditions in guiding contemporary governance and legislative processes. 

Regarding federal advocacy, Delegate Charles-Newton also stressed the importance of partnering and collaborating with federal officials and leaders to develop solutions to problems that hinder public safety efforts in tribal communities. 

“I’m proud to be rez if it means getting the message across to Congress to get the necessary needs to the Navajo Nation,” said Charles-Newton. 

In addition to discussing these historical contexts, Delegate Charles-Newton also brought attention to the HBO documentary, Navajo Police: Class 57, which provides a poignant look at the challenges and dedication of the Navajo police force. The documentary underscores the need for enhancing public safety resources on the Navajo Nation, a key topic in her advocacy to Congress.

Other distinguished keynote speakers included Teresa Choyguha, Marketing & Public Relations Director from the Tohono O’odham Nation; and Lisa Harjo, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Choyguha set an upbeat tone for the conference with her welcome speech, while Harjo delivered a moving prayer in her Native language, blessing the event and its attendees.

The conference also included sessions on public safety challenges specific to tribal lands. Delegate Charles-Newton used her platform to advocate for stronger support and resources for the Navajo Police Department, which is crucial to addressing public safety needs in the Navajo Nation.

This year’s TriSec also served as a cultural celebration and a platform for strengthening intertribal connections. Leaders and advocates from various tribes shared insights, forging new relationships and collaborative efforts to address common challenges.