CNIGA Votes To Oppose Recently Filed Sports Wagering Initiatives

SACRAMENTO, CA – The 52 members of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) recently voted to oppose two sports wagering initiatives that were recently filed with the California Secretary of State’s office. The vote follows a meeting between the initiative proponents and the CNIGA Executive Committee.

“The entire effort surrounding these initiatives was handled abhorrently by the initiative sponsors,” said CNIGA Chairman James Siva. “It is hard not to be offended when listening to these individuals speak. This is another example of outside influences trying to divide and conquer Indian tribes. We will not let history repeat itself.”

“California tribes have been successfully engaged in the gaming market for more than four decades,” continued Siva. “This didn’t happen by mistake, nor without careful consideration on the effects to our members and our surrounding communities. Tribal leaders are the experts, and we will decide what is best for our people. Now that the sponsors have heard directly from tribes that their efforts are not supported, we call on them to drop the initiatives as they have pledged to do if tribes were to oppose them. Our opposition could not be more clear and is irrevocable.”