Choctaw Nation Installs QCI Enterprise Platform Across All 22 Casinos

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Choctaw Nation has purchased and installed QCI’s Enterprise Platform across all 22 Choctaw Nation Casinos. QCI achieved the ambitious deployment in just over a month. The present phase of the partnership finds both entities in the crucial stages of data validation and training. QCI and the Choctaw Nation Casinos are gearing up for a launch to the host team by the end of the month.

“This partnership with QCI represents not just a business decision, but a symbol of growth and advancement for Choctaw Nation Casinos,” said Walter Allen, Choctaw Nation’s Corporate Senior Director of Player Development. “Their Enterprise Platform is a game-changer, and having it installed across all our casinos showcases our dedication to providing unparalleled experiences to our patrons. We are truly excited about this collaboration and its future prospects.”

“This deployment at Choctaw’s 22 casinos is not just one of the most significant partnerships for QCI, but a representation of what happens when two visionaries come together,” said Andrew Cardno, Chief Technology Officer of QCI. “The speed and scale at which we’ve executed this project exemplifies our team’s dedication and the mutual trust shared between QCI and the Choctaw Nation.”