Choctaw Development Fund Partners With Town of Tamaha To Fund Community Center Renovations

Choctaw Tamaha community center
L-R: Angel Rowland CDF Manager; Larry Watson, Haskell County Commissioner; Susan Collier, Tamaha Council Member; Ron Perry, Choctaw Nation Tribal Council Member; Sharon Falconer, Tamaha Council Member; Michelle Stallard, Mayor of Tamaha; and Tina Parsons, Diana Jaramillo and Karen Allen, Tamaha Council Members.

TAMAHA, OK – The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) and the Choctaw Development Fund (CDF) awarded the town of Tamaha $56,835, which will be used to match U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds to renovate and restore the town’s community center building.  

“We greatly appreciate the assistance from the Choctaw Nation in partnership with USDA to help make it possible to open the community center back up as a meeting place for senior citizens’ dinners and family gatherings,” said Michelle Stallard, Mayor of Tamaha. “The community center has been closed for the past three years due to damage and unsafe conditions, and we are excited to open back up in the fall of 2023.” 

The Choctaw Development Fund supports economic viability and sustainability by partnering with Choctaw small business owners, cities, and municipalities to create long-term growth and job creation within the territories of CNO. 

“These funds will help improve community resources and the quality of life for the residents of Tamaha,” said Ron Perry, Choctaw Nation Tribal Council Member. “With around 176 residents, mostly elderly, having a community center that can host senior lunches for the residents of Tamaha is extremely important to the CNO as the nearest community center is 25 miles away.” 

Funds will be used to repair and replace rotten wood around the windows and floors, remodel two existing restrooms, add new Sheetrock, paint, remodel the kitchen cabinets and other fixtures, and upgrade plumbing, gas and electrical.