OKC Recognizes Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – OKC Friday, a weekly newspaper serving the residents of Nichols Hills and the Village, has named Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby “OKCityan of the Year.” OKC Friday made the choice based upon praise from top leaders located in the state’s capital city who endorsed Governor Anoatubby’s selection although he resides in Ada.

“I would be hard-pressed to name five people who have done more for OKC over the last 15 years,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. “This is perhaps all the more remarkable considering the fact that the Chickasaw Nation’s jurisdiction is beyond our city limits. But Governor Anoatubby saw the vision a long time ago that Oklahoma City can be a national capital for Native and Indigenous people.”

Governor Anoatubby was first elected in 1987, which started the 32nd administration of Chickasaw Governors.

Holt said as Governor Anoatubby realized establishing Oklahoma City (OKC) as a national capital for First Americans begins with the First Americans Museum and OKANA, a resort and indoor water park that is under construction – he made those two projects possible.

“His leadership has also supported our city’s broader renaissance,” said Holt. “Governor Anoatubby and the Chickasaw Nation have supported our ballpark, our zoo, Remington Park and countless community endeavors. He is an inspiring example of humble servant leadership. He works with people, he knows how to get things done, he’s pragmatic, he’s results-oriented. He’s generous and kind. He’s simply one of the most effective leaders our state has ever seen. His legacy is an example to other leaders will be as strong as his accomplishments,” said Holt.

Oklahoma City – and the state’s charitable sector – holds the highest regard for Governor Anoatubby said

“For more than a decade, he has supported countless causes – as an individual and as the Governor of the a Chickasaw Nation – with a quiet modesty coupled with a laser-sharp business focus that has deftly combined economic development and prosperity with addressing challenging community needs,” said Marnie Taylor, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits President and CEO. “He believes all Oklahomans deserve respect, recognition and regard and he sees people as just as important an investment as a new business. And with the new Horizons District, a full-scale resort will join the First Americans Museum to provide not just rest and recreation, but a gateway for learning and experience of Native culture through one of the world’s most important new museums highlighting Indigenous history in our state.”

“Governor Anoatubby has supported our city’s success at every opportunity and there is no better person to be recognized as the OKCityan of the Year,” said Holt.

OKC Friday has polled its readership and community leaders for the “most powerful Oklahoman” for years, and Governor Anoatubby has been recognized as such six times.