Catawba Two Kings Casino Donates $10,000 to Non-Profits Through Share Change Program

Catawba Two Kings $10K donation
L-R: Trent Troxel, Vice President of Catawba Nation Gaming Authority; Catawba Nation Chief Brian Harris; Mark Blackwell, Founder and President of Justice Ministries; North Carolina State Sen. W. Ted Alexander; Debbie Gates, Founder and President of Compassion to Act; Catawba Nation Assistant Chief Patricia Leach; and Kathy George, President of Catawba Nation Gaming Authority.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC – The Catawba Two Kings Casino’s Share Change program raised $10,000 from July through September for two local charitable organizations working to aid women, especially against human trafficking. Compassion to Act and Justice Ministries each recently received $5,000 through the campaign, which enables casino patrons to donate the remaining change on slot vouchers by dropping them in the Share Change ticket boxes located on the casino floor.

With these donations, the program has provided $90,000 to organizations in local communities since it began in July 2021. The casino launched the Share Change program several weeks after its July 2021 opening, and new charitable recipients are designated every three months by the Catawba Nation Gaming Authority’s board of directors.

“The loyal patrons of Catawba Two Kings Casino once again have shown their generosity in supporting the Share Change campaign,” said Catawba Nation Chief Brian Harris. “We are glad to help these two organizations in their fight for the future of many women.”

“We are humbled and excited for the good this money is going to do for our city, our county and the women who are going to be saved and helped,” said Debbie Gates, Founder and President of Compassion to Act. “We always say that a little bit goes a long way, but this is a lot more than a little and so we really appreciate it and thank you for your partnership.”