Bluberi – Shark’s Lock

(800) 720-5155
Class III


Shark’s Lock is a new cash-on-reels slot theme from Bluberi Gaming and evolution of the player-favorite Devil’s Lock family. This De-Clone-Struction features the classic Devil’s Lock game features, such as activated cash-on-reels, rewinds, jackpots on the reels, and pig pot fillers for free games, while integrating new game mechanics. Players will love the new and frequent hitting eel respins, the rare tsunamini, where all cash-on-reel symbols are mini jackpots, and cameo appearances from the mischievous Devil. Even the pigs are back and ready for underwater action. Shark’s Lock isn’t a clone; it’s an evolution of a great game, seamlessly blending the thrill of underwater adventures with the core elements that made Devil’s Lock a player favorite. Get ready for an oceanic experience filled with surprises, as you spin your way towards unlocking the hidden treasures of the deep. Shark’s Lock is also available in Class II.