Bluberi – Shark’s Lock

Phone: (800) 720-5155

Class II


Introducing Shark’s Lock™, a thrilling slot machine experience that draws inspiration from Bluberi’s hit title, Devil’s Lock™. Dive into the depths of excitement as you spin the reels adorned with fierce shark symbols, mysterious locks, and a touch of devilish charm. This aquatic-themed slot machine promises an immersive gaming adventure with its captivating visuals and engaging gameplay. Embark on an underwater journey where the elusive shark symbols act as both guardians and key holders to unimaginable treasures. Watch as the reels come alive with the fluid motion of sharks navigating the deep blue sea, each spin unlocking the potential for thrilling wins. The Devil’s Lock DNA infusion adds an element of unpredictability, making every spin a suspenseful experience. Trigger bonuses take you deeper into the abyss, revealing hidden features and multiplying your winnings. The synergy of the devilish elements and the powerful sharks creates an atmosphere of suspense and excitement, keeping players on the edge of their seats. With its innovative design and thrilling concept, Shark’s Lock guarantees a gaming experience like no other, combining the mystery of Devil’s Lock with the ferocity of the ocean’s most iconic predator. Shark’s Lock is also available in Class III.