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The Xtreme Fusion Coin Pusher 3 (CP3) offers a dynamic gaming experience with two titles, Treasure Wave® and Red & White®, redefining traditional slots. With three immersive screens and an arcade-style coin pusher interface complete with a joystick, push special RFID chips off the playfield’s edge. Some RFID chips offer rewards like free plays or tokens. The Claw chip grants a “free claw play” ticket, while the Casino chip offers prizes, from on-site stays to signed memorabilia. Redeem these chips anytime. As tokens fall into the treasure chest on the right screen, collect them. Plus, gather Launch Tokens from the Bonus Token Reel. Collect enough Banked Tokens from pushing tokens off the playfield and the Bonus Token Reel to trigger the Rapid-Fire Bonus. This bonus shoots up to 150 launch tokens onto the playfield, boosting your winning chances. CP3 stands out with unique features that distinguish it from conventional casino games. It incrementally increases casino revenue by attracting a new demographic, offering an immersive experience. In the evolving world of casino gaming, CP3 shines as a game-changer, revolutionizing player interactions on the casino floor.