Anthony Roberts, Chairman, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Anthony Roberts, Chairman
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Cache Creek Casino Resort – Brooks, CA /

BENEFITS OF GAMING: Tribal gaming has enabled us to create a strong government, protect our culture, provide for our people, and become a major philanthropic force in our region and beyond.

In the last 30 years, gaming has helped our leaders build our community, setting a solid foundation for many successful tribal government programs for our people and resilient business enterprises for future generations.

As Patwin people, we prioritize the protection of our cultural sites and honor traditions that teach respect for the environment. We consider our Patwin language to be the beating heart of our tribal identity and crucial to the survival of our culture. With the help of our elders, we have revitalized our language and are now teaching it to our youth. We recently published a Patwin dictionary, grammar book and app.

We established our first tribal giving program, the Community Fund, in 2000. In 2016, we created Doyuti T’uhkama, which means “to give the acorn” in our Patwinlanguage. These two programs have partnered with hundreds of non-profit groups, gifting over $100 million to worthy causes.

Our gaming facility, Cache Creek Casino Resort (CCCR), combined with our government offices, is vital to the regional economy, generating an annual economic and fiscal impact of $1 billion in output and 3,475 jobs (full-time employees). Our resort includes the largest hotel in the region, with 659 rooms. It offers premier gaming, spas, and a golf course that has hosted professional tournaments. In 2023, CCCR was recognized as one of “America’s Greatest Workplaces for Women” by Newsweek.

GOALS & INITIATIVES: We have the great fortune of a growing, flourishing community whose numbers have increased steadily for many years. With this comes the immediate need for new housing and facilities to house our people and long-term planning to build amenities for all ages, from playgrounds to walking trails to installing major infrastructure to meet the energy, water, and internet connectivity needs of our children and future generations.

Our homeland of the Capay Valley continues to grow as a destination for agricultural tourism. Our role has been to expand our land holdings and increase our extensive agricultural lands, which now produce 14 crops. Our Séka Hills brand includes olive oil, wines, and other agricultural products, many of which can be sampled at our tasting room.

LEGISLATIVE: The tribe is always looking for any proposed federal and state legislation that could erode tribal sovereignty. Yocha Dehe is a leader in working with government officials to protect tribal lands and establish co-management practices incorporating traditional ecological knowledge, such as cultural burns. We have worked extensively with local and federal legislators to protect Molok Luyuk (Condor Ridge), a vital cultural landscape within traditional Patwin territory.

In addition to supporting sports wagering in tribal casinos, we have led efforts to combat illegal gaming in cardrooms. Cardrooms infringe on tribal gaming and have cost us tens of millions of dollars that could have gone to providing critical government services to our people.