AGS – Wild Catch

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Class II


Deep-sea creatures delight in a vibrant underwater scene in Golden Catch™, Booty Bay®, and Queen of Tides®, the three titles making up the Wild Catch™ game family. Displayed on AGS’ Orion Curve™ Premium, these games seamlessly tie together using V-Sync technology when machines are banked inline. Featuring an exciting base game with two bonus features and an immersive worm pick bonus, players will want to dive into the deep end. During the wild feature, fish swim down to the reels and randomly place up to 20 wilds and/or credit wilds on the reel window awarding jackpots and credit prizes up to 20,000 credits. The unique worm-pick wild catch bonus features an interactive bubble that floats over the game interface and pops. Then, a boat stops at the top of the game to drop fishhooks, which prompts the player to choose a hook. After selecting a hook, the player will have three chances to reel in fish worth big prizes. Wild Catch presents an open sea of opportunities for players to reel in a big one.