AGS – Legends of Imperial 88

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Class III


Fearless leaders rise again in the Legends of Imperial 88™ game family, a brand extension of the player-favorite Imperial 88® presented on AGS’ next-generation cabinet, Spectra UR43™. The two titles, Peacock Beauty Gold™ and Tiger Lord Gold™ feature two progressives, denomination-scaled minor and mini jackpots, three free spin bonus options, and a winner-take-all instant win prize. The hold and win bonus locks prize symbols in position, and the other positions become independent spinning wheels. For every spin, one independent spinning reel will have extra row, instant win, and 2x or 8x multipliers in place of the prize symbol. In the Imperial Jackpot bonus, players are presented with 13 touchable coin symbols and must match three of the same symbols to win a jackpot. Hidden behind the coins are a chance at two progressives and two bonus jackpots with a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier. An animated treasure chest is presented at every denomination to build anticipation for the next strike at the Imperial Jackpot bonus.