AGS – Jackpot Hold’Em

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AGS’ newest hold’em poker variant, Jackpot Hold’em™, engages players because players get to see the first community card before they have to make their initial raise decision. It’s player versus dealer for the best five-card poker hand. Play begins with each player making an equal ante and X-Tra bonus wager, as well as the optional player bonus side bet. After seeing their hole cards and the first community card, the player must choose to bet 3x the ante or check (play bet). Two more community cards are revealed. The player must be 2x the ante or check (play bet). The dealer reveals the final two community cards. The player must bet 1x the ante (play bet). The dealer then reveals the final two community cards. The player must be 1x the ante (play bet) or fold. Jackpot Hold’em is available with AGS’ award-winning STAX multi-level, must-hit-by progressive, which is sure to add more excitement and life-changing wins. And it links with other five-card poker games to award huge top jackpots.