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3 CARD BLITZ™        

3 Card Blitz is an exciting flush-based game between the player and the dealer. The object of 3 Card Blitz is to make the highest-scoring hand using up to three suited cards from the seven cards that each player is dealt.

Players start by making equal ante and blind bets, and then may either fold (forfeiting their ante and blind bets) or make a play bet equal to the ante. The dealer will make their highest-scoring suited hand using three of the seven cards dealt – if the player’s hand total is higher than the dealer’s, then the ante and play bets are paid even money. The blind bet pushes unless the player’s winning hand total is 27 or higher, in which case the blind bet is paid according to the posted pay table. Each card is given a point value: 2’s through 10’s have their own rank as their value; Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a value of 10; and Aces have a value of 11. All cards must be suited to create a hand. A 3 Card Blitz is an ace and two 10-value cards, for a total of 31.

3 Card Blitz is also compatible with AGS’ award-winning Stax™ Progressive.